Tully Uncle

Tully uncle is my alter ego.

He is a side of me that is foul mouth and mischievous. Over the years, I worked really hard on myself to grow as a person and got rid of that side of mine…. Or so I thought.

It came back with a vengeance and found a platform to express himself and created a community of his own on Tik-Tok. With almost 400K raving fans, people can’t get enough of him! 

Tully uncle has a heavy Indian accent and is a flirt. He thinks he is a philosopher and loves to give life advise, the only problem is that his life advise is as useless as a parachute with holes in it. Oh and he loves to crack adult jokes!

But all things aside, the rascal can cook!

If you are crazy enough to watch his videos, well you can follow him on Tik-Tok @tullyzkitchen