About Tully


I'm Tully, the founder of @tullyzkitchen, born in the quaint town of "Amritsar" in Northern India. My earliest memories are of watching my mother in the kitchen. Despite being a single mom juggling work and raising my brother and me, she managed to whip up incredible dishes daily. Friends and family often requested her specialties, and I admired her greatly. She was my role model, both in life and in the kitchen.

Whenever my mum was away, I'd experiment in the kitchen to impress her. I'm not sure if I ever matched her skills, but her compliments gave me confidence and her approval meant the world.


In 2003, I moved to Australia to pursue a Master’s in Information Systems. Like any immigrant, my goal was to secure a good job, buy a nice house, and settle down. However, life had other plans. In 2008, I faced a personal tragedy, and by 2011, a bad relationship left me in a mental breakdown. With therapy and a strong support system, I regained control and vowed to never be in that situation again.

During this time, I was fortunate to find my soulmate, Melissa. We've been together for a decade now and have a little boy named "Tiger."

I worked diligently, becoming a top sales executive for seven consecutive years. I fulfilled all my material desires - luxury cars, exotic vacations, and everything that comes with financial freedom. But something was missing - a purpose.


I found a purpose in showing the world how fun, easy, and delicious Indian cooking can be. This led to the creation of a TikTok channel with a character called "Tully Uncle" and funny recipe videos. The channel gained nearly half a million followers, and that's when the entrepreneurial bug bit me.


Seeing the impact of my recipes on social media inspired me to create products that would make Indian cooking at home even more accessible. Drawing from my mom’s recipes, I developed Tully’z All-Natural curry sauces, reminiscent of the flavors of my childhood, now conveniently jarred.


It took over a year to perfect the recipes, get the spice blends just right, and design packaging that could tell a story. After countless trials, some failed batches, and many sleepless nights, I finally created a product as delicious as my mom’s cooking. Although she's no longer with us, her legacy lives on through these sauces.


Our mission is to help people cook like an Indian but without the hassle. As a self-proclaimed lazy person, I naturally seek the easiest and fastest ways to do things. I want people to spend less time cooking and more time savoring delicious food, prepared faster than an Uber ride.

I'm also passionate about bringing families together over Indian food. That's why I've created child-friendly options with very mild spice levels in our curry sauces.

We aimed to create packaged food that's All-Natural, with no added gluten, nuts, or dairy. It had to be vegan, made with olive oil, and real ingredients.

If you've made it to the end of our story, I appreciate you. Enjoy your time here, and please feel free to reach out if I can be of any assistance to you.

Warm Regards,
Tully (Atul Chanana)