Hi friends, Let me tell you the story about me….


My name is Tully, the creator of @tullyzkitchen.

I was born in India and raised by a single mother. To help around the house I has learnt to cook by the age of 13. Food is an integral part of Indian culture and curries are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner (sometimes dessert too…lol) And I was getting good at making them.

I moved to Australia in 2003 in search of greener pastures and studied master’s In information systems. How I passed it, I have no clue. To pay for my tuition I was working part time while studying full time. And my first ever job was in a call centre selling Telecommunications (let the jokes roll in)

I had always enjoyed cooking for friends and family in 2009/10 I decided to become a professional chef. Halfway through the course I realised that I don’t want to spend my weekends in a hot kitchen! I was young and carefree, so partying was more important!


I turned vegan in 2017 after watching the documentary “What the health” and ironically my decision was not for health at all. It was compassion for animals. See I have always had a soft spot for animals, but until that point it was only for dogs and cats! In a split second, I made a decision to never eat meat or dairy again. I woke up the next day as a vegan! And I was lucky that my partner made the same choice.


At the time my partner and I chose to go vegan the challenge was to bridge a gap between our lifestyle choices when we visited family and friends. All of a sudden we were the couple with a bread roll and plain pasta. The tipping-point came when we attended a fancy, catered event as vegans, and were served a cold mound of chickpeas while everyone else received an incredible three-course meal.  This needed to change. Plus, I wanted to do more to help animals, and I chose cooking as my medium of expression.


I created Tully’z kitchen on Instagram to showcase that vegan cooking is fun, easy, and delicious and no one should settle for the cold chickpea salad!  The more I got involved with social media, I realised that I could use my passion to make a real change in the world. I can help thousands, if not millions of people, enjoy compassionate food without giving up on the flavours they are used to. My passion led me to find a purpose! 


I spread myself on as many platforms as I humanly could while juggling a full-time job and I had just become new father.

I was churning out content on Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, my Recipe Blog, and Tik Tok. And One day I couldn’t take it any more….so I quit my well-paying job! My son Tiger was barely a month old! But I was really happy because success for me now was not money but making a real change in this world. And I wanted to be a role model for my son, so one day he could go after his dreams!

Growing up in this world, even though we may have multiple skills and talents, we are forced to choose who we want to be.

I have always been a class clown, a learner of new things, and ambitious.  And when I started “Tully’z Kitchen” I didn’t want to choose, hence I consider myself  “an Entertainer”, “an Educator, and “an Entrepreneur”


“Make your passion the means to achieve your purpose and dream big!”

My passion is cooking, my purpose is to create a kinder world and help animals, and my dream is to reach millions of people around the world with my content and products. I want to make kindness go viral. 

If you have made it through till the end of my story, I appreciate you. Enjoy your stay in Tully’z kitchen and let me know if I can be of any help to you!

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